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Hi! I'm Rachel Owens! Renaissance Woman, pluviophile and lover of all the things. Beauty-obsessed, motherhood-driven, window shopping impulse buyer and small plates connoisseur. I'm a forever-student in all areas of design and creating makes me happy. Thank you for joining me! Make yourself at home. To learn more about me, click below!
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Deva Curls

I’m finally able to tell you about the DevaFresh by @DevaCurl launch! Refresh your scalp and revive your curls with this kombucha and prickly pear infused mist! Extend the life of your curls between wash days or use for quick revitalization! Combat odors (let’s face it curlies, we’ve all been there) and bring your curls back to life with ease! Follow the link in my bio to check out the @devacurl website and get yours while it’s hot!